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BitComet - Frequently Asked Questions

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For Japanese BitComet users / 日本語, Our forum is located at:



Please note that as BitComet team releases a newer version each time, the FAQs may become slightly incorrect from time to time. We will be trying to update the FAQ as soon as a new version of BitComet brings significant changes which might bring changes to the present topics or make additionally ones necessary. Keep an eye, though, on both this forum's FAQ and on BitComet Wiki FAQ. We will try to mirror on both, as fast as possible, any updates made on any of them.

Alternatively, please click on the search link located at the top right hand corner of our Forum. Or, Click here and type your issue as keywords.

If your issue/question is NOT answered in the above links, feel free to post in BitComet Client Help, or Torrent Related Questions. The Torrent Related Questions will incorporate all the issues that are Non-BitComet related. If you think that we should create new forums for other 'things', feel free to contact us either e-mail or PM.

Should the Guides in our 'Guides & HOWTO's forum' be/become inaccurate, or could in any be improved, feel free to post in those topics, or contact the staff via PM.

Lastly, please refrain from e-mailing BitComet staff direct for any of your issues, rather post in the appropriate sub-forum.

Enjoy your time here at the new BitComet Forum!

BitComet Team.

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