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I found some 0.72 annoying problems


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I just downloaded the 0.72 version and noticed as well positive as negative changes :

==> When minimuzing bitcomet to the notification zone of windows XP, the position of the (info, tracker, files, clients, stats, ...)window is reset to the original position... I've got to resize it EVERY time i open bitcomet...! :angry:

==> In the french version, we can read "Not Loggined in." ... not translated? :(

==> this message "Not Loggined in." could be written "not logged in." to make it sound a little more english... no? ;)

==>when hashing a file, the "play" button is unavailable for that file, and I've got to wait until the hashing is finished to start the file... In Bitcomet version 0.70, it was possible to start the torrent when hashing, and the torrent would automaticaly start when the hashing was finished. is it normal?? <_<

==> EDIT: One more thing : the popup bubble isnt showing anymore although the option is activated! :angry: I've always got to open bitcomet to see how far is it, and always resize the tabs to see the downloading torrents, it is VERY inconvenient!

==> EDIT2: I fond a lot of textes which were forgotten by the translator, for example in the menu, or in the sumary tab, in the client tab ect... forgotten or unimportant? :huh:

==> EDIT3: Imposible to open torrents over 4 GB or some limit like that!!!! That's far too much, I reinstalled the 0.70 version! Really, I tried a 4.40 GB torrent and the program crashed! a 26 GB torrent => THE SAME !!! retry won't use anything, i gave up the 0.72 ... i REALLY HOPE these problems will be corrected in the next version!!!

Thank you for having read this long message ^^

and I hope this will be corrected in the next version ^^


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The UnUsual Suspect: ¿see why i "recommend" to developers to do a hard testing and listen to users comments in bug section on this forum before releasing new versions? Now you are busy on: "use stable" and "topic closed" :rolleyes:

I agree with you.

Until I am instructed otherwise, all I can do is help members who are using stable versions, and keep all topics related to the unstable versions combined for the developers to comment on.


ps. yes, this topic is also closed :(

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