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Change directory and move files?


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Hi everybody,

I just installed a new 320 GB disk for DATA only and want to move my downloads (completed or not) to a folder of the new disk.

I created a folder, copy all the files and then selected in Options the new folder. I didn't erase yet the "old" folder and files, but I cant make it work!

Any ideas?

I'm using the BitComet 0.70

Thanks, EC

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the easiest way to do this would be...

Change your default download directory to (X:\Foldername)

Then all your new downloads will go there (X=new hard drive)

Move all your completed downloads to that folder, then move current jobs after they complete.

If you insist, you can move the partial downloads to the new drive, but then I suggest you rehash the files, after restarting the torrent with the new location.

This will require a bit more work, and take time (depending on the size of partial downloads)

Of course there are otherways to do this, I'm just suggesting how I would do it.


PS. If your new drive is a network drive (not local) then I suggest you let downloads finish first, as I am dealing with extremely long rehashes on my N.A.S. drive while doing this very same procedure.

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While I was waiting I tried something.

I alredady had copied all the Files to the new folder and set it as the default one.

But in the properties of the task in BitComet, the folder "destination" (destino in Spanish, I don't know what is called in English) remains the old one (C: ). So I went one by one (about 70 movies and only a couple of other files) and changed the directory in properties. After several files I discover that when choosing the new folder if I clicked in the drop menu (the arrow beside the original path) It would show the new folder (the new path) to choose, much faster than going to "exam", MyPC, Q:, Downloads

Thanks again, EC

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I'm not sure I'm understanding your post fully, but I think you have resolved this issue.

I'm also concerned that you may be running too many torrents at one time.

The biggest problem with bit torrent traffic right now is people that run multiple torrents.

When users spread their already limited upload bandwidth among several torrents, they are only hurting peers that they connect to.

I strongly suggest you only run one or two (at the most) at a time, if you have 1024kb/s upload (most users have less). This will greatly improve speeds to peers you connect to, and the tracker will see your higer upload and your torrents will run faster.


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