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I don't understand.

I'm downloading a single 3GB file [recently out].


Progress: 11.6 % (i.e. 348 MB so far)

remaining:2.61 GB

downloaded:1.31 GB (0 B rubbish data dropped_ (0 dropped - every bit received was good - is

this even possible? )

total downloaded:4.53 GB

Average download rate: 18kb/s (seems much more, sth like 100 kb/s, sometimes as high as 165)

Although the download is fast, progress is rarely updated. same goes for "remaining".

download is going on for 3 days now. i would expect something like 40% in progress, 3GB-1.31GB in remaining.

something is not right.

maybe i have to hash check the file to get the right percentage ???

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I'm using bitcomet 0.72.

I have a dsl 1.5 MB connection (with a poor 96 kb/s upload)

this is my first time using bitcomet, usually emule is my file sharing app.

connected seeds:3 (max:3

connected peers:64 (max:8514

the prefrences are the default (only changed global max down/up rate to match my connection).

btw, since my last post "downloaded" reached 2.3GB , while percentage remains 11.6%

maybe i should try close and reopen the app (hasn't done that yet cause i was afraid to lose the steady d/n rate) ?

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We are sorry for the problems with unstable versions released.

Regarding most of your data being discarded as rubbish, this is most often due to bad connections.

I suggest you contact your ISP and tell them you are having an excess (98%) failure on packets you download.

They can do a simple test by connecting to your modem and determine if the problem is on your end (which means they may need to repair lines to your home/office).

If you are concerned about discussing bit torrent downloads with your isp, then I suggest you try a completely legal download to demonstraight the problem, like one of many Linux distributions, or if you like, try the following fan produced star trek DVD I encoded...


This would also be a good test to see if your client is configured properly, since it is very well seeded.

If it works properly, then you know your connection and client are NOT the problem.


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