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AVI Files partially downloaded!!


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I've just noticed a significant problem with BitComet, one that I have never experienced with any other P2P client!!

I successfully downloaded a couple of AVI files using BitComet (or so I thought...) BUT!!! When I proceeded to open the downloaded files I discovered that whole segments were missing.. i.e One of the files kept skipping throughout the entire playback, while the other just ended half way through (no doubt the gap was too big to play).. I mean, I don't want to slagg anyone off, but with all due respect what the h*** kind of client did you guys build that doesn't check the integrity of video files after download?!?!?! I mean now I have to download these files all over again via DC++ or something.. which I could have done in the first place and gotten them right!

Is there a workaround around this problem, or should I just stop using BitComet altogether?

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Ok fine, I figured it out..

Re-Added the torrents, closed bit commet. Swapped the partially finished AVI's with the .bc! files, re-opened the client, did a manual hash check, resumed, and allowed the remaining 2-3% to complete. Also checked the option "Hash-check again when downlaod task is finished"..

But surely this was all unnecessary.. I mean surely the hash check at the end should be on by default, saving users time figuring out this problem in the first place...

Anyway, works now.. will keep using it!

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Accually, the final hash check is not necessary, since each piece is hash checked when downloaded.

This sounds like there was some data loss on your hard drive between the pieces being download, to when download was complete.

As for the final hash check being on by default, In MY opinion, I agree with you.

I always select this redundant check just to be sure.

As for the cause of the data loss, I could not say, but to be safe, I recommend you run a scandisc (or other disc utility), as you could have some bad sectors on your drive.

Of course a through scan for viruses, spyware, addware, malware are always a good idea.

All of above should be done on a regular basis anyway.


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I do all the above on a regular basis anyway, so that has nothing to do with it, especially considering that I never had any problems other than with BitComet... thanks for the suggestions anyway!

The final hash check does seem to be necessary, since it makes sure the finished downlaod is the same as the original's supposed to be.. fact of the matter is that when i did a manual hash then it discovered there were missing pieces, so if it does that automatically it will prevent such problems in the future. As for the data loss i'm sure it's something to do with the program.

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