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Hello, everybody.

I'm with a problem it is getting me crazy.

My down is 120kbs and my up is 15 kbs.

The problem is when I open bitcomet and I start one torrent, no site open. (upload = 15kbs)

So that I can open one site, I have to put upload (bitcomet) in 4 or 5kbs.

Does anybody know why it happens?

Is it a problem from bitcomet?

What Can I change?

Thanks a lot.

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This sounds like your ISP is providing you very little upload bandwidth.

If I understand you correctly, your max upload bandwidth is 15kB/s or 120kb/s.

and you have to reduce it considerably to use your browser.

If this is correct, then the only good answer would be to upgrade your broadband service.


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Opening sites requires two way comunication.

Although more download bandwidth is required, upload too is required.

With much of the worlds ISPs offering much higher bandwidth, web site authors are making webpages more and more graphic intense, requiring more bandwidth to open.

I find it necessary to reduce my upload by 20kB/s to do surfing.

Some sites/browsers offer options to not load graphics, perhaps you can look into browser plugins for limited bandwidth. I have no experience in this area, so can't advise on any.

"the bottom line" is that there is no replacement for more bandwidth.

Suspect <---wishes he could be of more help

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