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Does botcomet controls it self?

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Ok. here`s the thing. I`ve been using bitcomet for a long time. n this V. 0.71 doenst works fine. now I want to add. why if I have limited the upload at 10 Kbs. the popup information tooltip shows its at 9, and when I see it its on 20? so the uploading limit is crap. n bitcomet is doing what it wants, and well. I dotn think this is an improvement. I`m also uploading on emule. n I`m not like ppl who uploads at 2 Kbs, so why is Bitcomet avoinding the uploading limit??? personally. after I finish this download. I`ll stop using bitcomet anymore. n not even recomended it liek I used to do it. just that the .bc thing make simpossible to migrate to other client like azuerus. anyway here is the prove. n is not a 2 seconds mistake. it`s been limited to 10 n its been uploading at 20 / 30 for hours.

see u all. n the ones who has been victims of this.

is not abt sharing. is abt a software what its controlable. not the software doing what it wants


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Hi, I'm sorry for the troubles you are having with this version.

Our latest stable version is .70

I strongly suggest you step back to this version. You are welcome to try version .73 if you like, but at this time, we are only supporting upto version .70 in the forum.

As for switching to another client, the ".bc" that is appended to the file names is an option, which can be turned off. Many clients use this.

You can simply remove it from the file names and continue in any client you wish.

In any case, I'm sure these current problems will be resolved, and todays release of a new version is evidence the developers are working on it.

For the meantime, Please keep discussion of these versions to the topic provided in the forum


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