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problem with v7.0!!!


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recently installed v.7.0, but this problem occured some time before (using 6.0):

any torrents I download now become inactive unless I'm physically at the computer doing something (!?)

i.e., when I 'wake' the computer up, torrents then try to 'reconnect', but then still the speed is much slower than b4.

a couple of months ago this didnt happen....I installed 7.0 thinking it would fix the problem but no change :(

OK...I had a reply advising it was my pc going into 'standby mode'. Nope, it never does that. The PC is always on (even checked in the 'power options' just in case).

Everything works as normal *except* bitcomet torrents...they disconnect (shows a <> or 0kB) until I pause and then unpause each torrent. This never happened before???! :unsure:

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I think we (understandably) came to the standby conclusion from your "wake up" comment.

I would however check your power saving settings, as they will sometimes calls your bit torrent traffic to stop if your cpu goes into power saving, or hard drive powers down.

I suggest you turn ALL power saving options off.

I can't think of another possible cause at the moment (but I am somewhat sleep deprived at the moment lol)

so lets see what other members can come up with.


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