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Can you advice me on my Bitcomet Settings


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Please help me choose the right bitcomet settings for my pc setup

My Bitcomet speeds average from 30KB/s to 200 KB/s

I'v read the bitcomet settings guide but wan't to make sure my setup is right.

Bitcomet 0.70

# ISP: Uk Online 2mb

# Download Speed: 2Mb

# Upload Speed: 256 kb/s

# Hardware: Adsl USB Modem ( No Router )

# OS: Windows XP-SP2 MEdia Center fully updated

# AntiVirus: AVG free 7 Latest.

# Software Firewall: WinXp SP2

# AntiSpyware: Spybot S&D, Adaware SE, SpywareBlaster

Bitcomet Settings

Global Max D/L Rate No Limit

Global Max Upload Rate 20 KB/S

Litening Port 51673









PS. I've been using bitcomet since its release and its the best!

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There are a few things I would change, but this is just my opinion.

With a max upload of only 20kB/s, I would NEVER run upto 10 torrents at same time, One would be much better, or possibly two.

I would install a better firewall then windows firewall. Mcafee is very good, and very easy to use. Sygate is most secure (my opinion), but will stop every little process until you premit them (read as pain to setup, but super secure)

Add .bc to unfinished downloads. Although this is handy to tell if files are finished, it makes the files only usable as they are with bit comet client. This is fine if you use no other clients.

Allocate disc space before download. I like this option. It will keep you from running out of disc space after download starts.

Max open tcp connections. This is open to much debate, but a consertive number would be 50, setting to 10 is not good.

Hash check again when files are complete. although this is redundant, it will pickup any problems and save you a headache, I strongly suggest you select it.

as your your max download of 20kB/s, this is about right for your connection when download or using the web, but I would set to 25-30 when seeding.

Most of what I am commenting on is opinion, so feel free to use what works for you.


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Thank you for such a quick response

I'm trying your suggestions now,

Just two I was not sure of

When you say Never run upto 10 torrents at a time Are you talking about max simultaneous download tasks?


Max Open Tcp Connections, Are you talking about Max Half-Open TCP Connections?

If so will 50 work with WinXp Media Center SP2 as I thought the limit is 10.

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