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renaming + unchecking download files

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1. Whenever im downloading something and i change the name of the folder containing the file, my bitcomet starts downloading that file at 0% again. Is it because bitcomet can no longer recognize the folder containing my download? Even if i change back the folder to the original name again my downloading file is still 0%!!!

2. When you download a package, there will be usually a list of 4 or more items for downloading. All 4 items i was downloading were roughly around 40% completed. While i was downloading, i clicked on my download's property and unchecked 3 items so i would only download one of the items first. However when i finished downloading that 1 item and my bitcomet said that task was 100% completed, i went back to my download's property and checked back the remaining 3 items but they were all back to 0%!!

plz help!!! :blink: sry if my questions are confusing.

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1/ The moment you change the name of the folder containing the file, BitComet will think that the original folder that you told it to direct all downloads to, no longer exists. Thus it creates the folder again, then the torrent download folder itself.

I.e. If my default download directory is:

(1) C:/ Program Files/BitComet/Downloaded Files

But if I changed it to:

(2) C:/Program Files/BitComet/Test

Then BitComet will recreate the directory (1). If I have a torrent downloading inside, it will also need to recreate that torrent download directory, in this case - Bleach:

(3) C:/ Program Files/BitComet/Downloaded Files/Bleach

The solution to this, is remove that task (that was 0%), change the directory name back to how it was at the start. Open the torrent again, and BitComet will automatically re-hash, and continue downloading.

2/ As for your 2nd Question, this is because you may have re-opened the torrent again, by firstly opening it via BitComet, it basically over-writes your previous torrent download. What you should have done however, was to open the torrent, leave its contents as it is. Then, once your torrent has finished re-hashing, go to Files within your tab --> Right click on the files you want to be of higher priority or disabled.

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