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Reinstalling BitComet

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I run a partitioned hard drive. My BitComet downloads folder is on my D drive. My C drive recently crashed and I had to roll it back to its original state. I have done so and reinstalled BitComet.

I reopened all of my torrents and pointed to the downloads folder on my D drive again.

The big problem is that all of my downloads have started from 0% again! Surely the application picks up that the existing files have download progress?!

How do I fix this or is it too late i.e. has BitComet reset all of my existing download files to 0%?

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If you have correctly set the download location in your bit comet to where the files are, then it will continue. If it doesn't, then do an manual rehash of the files and it will work. If it does not, then you have not set the location properly.


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Thanks for the prompt reply.

I have double checked the files. They definitely all point to the old downloads folder.

Even when I right click on a file and select "Browse Download Directory" it goes to the correct folder on my D drive and even shows files and folders which have already downloaded for that torrent.

Doesn't look promising!

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You just need to do a manual rehash on the files.

Also, when you started the torrent again in the new client, it would have made the folders and files again, so simply browsing the folder is not evidence that the location is correct (I'm not saying it isn't).

I would look in the folder again, and be sure there isn't a copy of the files in a different directry like...




This problem is common if you select "myfiles" for the location instead of selecting "downloads", so have a look


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