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bitcomet and DHT!


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i want to download a torrent but it has no seeders, now i've read that if the torent client supports DHT the file will begin downloading with good speeds!

Is this true, how much before it starts to download with DHT and what average speeds will i download!?

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DHT is just an alternative way of finding more peers without relying on the tracker. That's all it does. The peers it does find get lumped in with those the tracker provided.

If there are no seeds, this means that nobody in the swarm has a full copy of the torrent contents. This may be bad news. The torrent "health" indicates how many complete copies of the contents exist in the aggregate among swarm members. If it's less than 100%, it means that a complete copy doesn't exist, and the torrent may never complete unless more members join and have the missing parts, or are themselves seeders.

In this situation, the torrent will still transfer, until all swarm members have all available pieces. Everyone will have (say) 77%, and downloading will basically go to zero because nobody has any pieces that you don't already have.

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