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Well i am a new member to this forum and i think this is the right place to post this.

I am a total computer newb and have just done my first download and i need help on it.

Here are some of the files that were in the download.


and it says

Install Notes:

1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent

2. Mount the image with Daemon-Tools, use securom loader.

3. Install

4. Play

so does that mean i have to extract all the files from all the rar files :mellow:

also whats daemon tools and securom loader

what do i have to do to play this game now.

sorry for the noob-ishness :P but please help me.

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First thing you should do is enable viewing file extensions in windows...

Open the folder that has the files, then click on "tools", then "folder options"

Now click on the "view" tab, and look for a box that says "hide file extentions for known file types" and untick it.

Now click on apply to all folders.

For some stupid reason microshit feels users don't need to know what kind of files are on their computer, so this will fix that problem.

Now you should be able to see what file types you have.

If you don't have winrar, you can download a trial version for free direct from rarlabs.

The easiest way to extract the files is to right click on first file, and select "extract here"

All the files will then extract.

Your instructions want you to now "mount" a disc image in a virtual cdrom drive.

I perfer to use Alcohol 120%, which can also burn to disc if you like, but deamon tools will work fine as well.

I believe deamon tools is freeware (google can find it for you). Alcohol you can download a trial version, or find in a torrent.

With either program simply follow instructions to make a virtual cdrom drive, then mount the disc image, then install the game.

As for securerom loader, I have never used it.

It might have been included with the download, so have a look at what files you get when you extract.

I suggest you try searching on google if that program isn't included with the torrent. It sounds like a game counsol hack to me, but this is a PC game, right?

Well, this is about as much help as I can offer.


ps. you posted this question in bit comet lite support, which is why the post was overlooked, as this is in no way related to bit comet or bit comet lite. I will move the post to non-bit comet related section after you have read this and had chance to reply.

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