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uploading issues with isp

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Hi i have 2 questions i am wondering if someone can help me with please:-

1. Recently my isp has been sending me emails that i have been exceeding my 50 gig usage allowance which i find hard to believe. After doing a line test they came to the conculsion it wasnt my downloading but me uploading which for that day was actually 7 gigs!!! just in 24 hours i am still mystified.

My question is that i do understand i have to share but when your downloading a torrent it shows in the stats tracker as uploading as well?? i dont understand why its uploading as well as downloading near the top of the program??

The other question is that when you downloading and once a file has reached 100% isnt it then go into uploading and THAT amount that counts as uploading from THAT file?

Please let me know confused here :)


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That hurt my eyes too.

Bittorrent in general starts uploading the minute you have data from the download to share with others. This is what makes BitTorrent so fast and stable. BitTorrent etiquite asks that someone upload as much as they have downloaded, a 1:1 trade. So in your case you're getting nailed double if you download a 5 gig file and upload 5 gigs worth of data back to the swarm you're getting nailed for 10 gigs.

The fact that your ISP is counting your upload sounds like you're being ripped off. You should check your contract and/or change packages/ISPs.

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