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Im not asking anybody to seed a file so i am not breaking the forum rules. Normally if a torrent wont download i simply find another one like it and pick that one. However, this time, my torrent is 98% complete and its kinda important. Downloading a whole diff one would take to much time. Is there anything i can do to manually or otherwise search for additional sources for that particular torrent file? Speedy response is appreciated guys thnx

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If there are no seeders, the best you can do is to request someone to reseed it from the trackers web site or forum.

Trying to continue from a different souce would most likely not work, as it would most likely not be the exact same files, and even the tinyest difference would render them unusable.

Here are a couple links you should review about "bad" torrents, and torrents that do not complete...



you will see in those links how to spot bad torrents, and how to resolve other issues.

Hopefully yours just needs someone to seed, so good luck.


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