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Another IP quickie


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Hey.. when I run CMD and /ipconfig /all ...I realized my computer was running IPv2... also, its listing 3 addresses as my IP... One is a plane jane old IP addrss, and the other two it lists are IPv2 (i think) .. "fe80::f3 ..yadda yadda... "

I am connecting to the internet on my laptop (through wireless router . .which is plugged into my desktop.)

My question is concerning setting up a static IP address in my TCP IP settings...

HOW?! haha.. sorry..

IP address = ...should I use the regular IP address my computer is spitting out? ..or is there a way to convert the IPv2 addresses its spitting out?... or do I use the address my router is sending out to the world?

Subnet - obvious

Default Gateway - obvious.. i think.

DNS server - giving me the same as my default, and three IPv2 addresses.

Any help or insight at what i've got in front of me would be a big help... I can't correctly trigger the listening port until I have this information.. and thus im stuck to downloading at less than 20kbs.. feel my pain and help me out pleaseeeee

Hope this all makes sense to someone

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Your internal IP address is what you have to setup in windows. This way your router knows which computer your listening port is on. I suggest you do this on all your computers, just to be sure none of them grab your ip address while your bit comet computer isn't booted up.

Portforward.com has a guide with pictures for doing this, so you can't go wrong.


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