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Colorado Time 10:10pm October 4, 2006

I have to admit all I want is for this program to work...and I have no idea why it is not working....PLUS I don't understand NOT having a TELEPHONE number to seek TECH advice....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Hello I have been a member of BitComet for some time now...and just recently started having a problem that I am unsure exactly what is causing it to occur. On my desk top when I click on the "icon" for BitComet. I get this "pop up" window that shows up on my desk top saying, "Can not listen to Port: 23608. Then when I click on this pop up and say close it....BitComet then appears as it normally has since I installed it...the problem then is when I go to a Torrent Sight like Mininova I get a message that says, Can not be found, that the page I am currently looking for can not be found....so obviously I have a problem here and I am unsure of how to correct it.

It's been doing this for about a week, finally yesterday I simply redownloaded a "updated" version of BitComet .70 and all began working well again...but then when I turned off my computer this morning to reboot it this message began reappearing and I back to the same problem that started approximately a week ago. I then thought, ok, I will just REDOWNLOAD the version again, but after accomplishing this...nothing changed this time and so I am not able to connect to any of the Torrent sights to be to down load what it is I desire to down load.

Can anyone assist me please?

Also it is a bit CONFUSING on why I can't simply PICK up the phone and call you guys without having to TYPE this entire problem out....can anyone shed any light on this as well???



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I can answer your first question very easily.

Bit Comet is freeware (as all bit torrent clients are), if you paid for it, then you got ripped off, and should seek getting a refund.

All of our developers and staff are volenteers and are not paid

I sure you could find a qualified geek near you to provide support for a resonable fee (geeks have to eat too),

If however you want some free help, to support your free program, I suggest you be happy that we offer this.

Now, going first to your port issue...

I assume you are using a router? If so, I also assume you have setup port forwarding in that router so your bit comet could listen on its assigned port. If not, then this is exactly what you need to do, but I will assume this is done already, since you stated it used to work fine, but no longer does.

Although I cannot be sure from what info you have given, it sounds like your ip address has changed since you configured your router.

You can find step by step guide (with pictures) for most routers at Portforward.com

They also have a guide for setting a static IP address in windows (this will prevent this from happening again).


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