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I have been using BitComet for a while now and have found it to be fantastic....then my pc went wrong and i had to reboot from original disks so i lost everything...I downloaded BitComet again and have found it incredibly slow at download speeds also i cannot set a priority on downloads ...I wonder if there is more than one version of BitComet?? Does anyone else find it slow and is there a way of increasing the speed..I have also encountered a strange thing that every now and then i get an error report and BitComet shuts down .Am i doing something wrong??? I really want to continue with this site because it has up to now been excellent..

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There are indeed many versions of bit comet.

The latest stable version is .70

If you have a later version, I recommend you uninstall it, and download version .70.


If you have trouble downloading it from there, I uploaded this version to a file host site...


You should also review our settings guide to fine tune to get optimal speeds.

Please also keep in mind that you can only download as fast as your peers send you the data, so some torrents will be slow, mostly due to people that run multiple torrents, which spreads their already limited upload among dozens or hundreds of peers.


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