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Automatically press boss key at windows/bitcomet startup

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i would like to know how to make bitcomet automatically run at startup without displaying the tray icon at startup. Is there a way to automatically press the boss key at program startup. thanks. if you have any idea or any program u know that executes or automatically press at key (Alt + `) at windows startup.

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Yeah! I've been looking for the same thing.

Something usefull would be a script we could add to the startup folder.

I don't know if anyone is skilled enough to think of a way?

I guess it would be as simple as:

run once

if bitcomet is active then

boss key

close script

The tricky part would be to make it run after bitcomet each time

and make sur it doesn't prevent us from bringin' it back! :)

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This might take longer than you'd expect, to implement: try running BitComet and setting it into BossKey mode.

Now notice that there's nothing, anywhere, that can tell you how to restore it. You have to know what the bosskey is, (or hit on the key combo by luck), to get it back. This requires you to have set the boss-key, to remember what you set it to correctly, to know how to use it, and to press it correctly, in order to get the screen back.

If you happen to have the opportunity to work technical support, please walk in those shoes for a while.

You will come away from the experience filled with doubts that your customers can successfully do ANY of these things, and that failure to do any of them will, of course, be blamed on the software. ("I run it and it doesn't do anything!")

If you are a crafty program designer, you do not permit users get into situations like this, boxes that there's no way out of, you veto things like this without some sort of recovery safeguard because YOU, not the users who asked for the feature, or the coder that put it in without thinking things through, are the one who will have to talk customers through getting out of the box.

(Let's see, press Ctrl-Alt-Del, bring up the task manager, kill the task, go to the program directory, delete the options file ... oh, you don't know how to do any of that ... )

This would mean something like putting in a default bosskey which cannot be changed, which sorta defeats the purpose, and working out all of which makes this simple change significantly more complicated.

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