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Separated Files

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sometimes when file finishing download for example movies .. when i try to play it .. i found it still separated compresed files.. at this case what is the problem .. and how can i solve it ?? :unsure:

look to picture attached

This problem at all versions

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This is a multi part compressed archive.

Download WinRar, google can find it for you, and you can get a free trial version.

Generally when you start the first file, all will extract. Once you install it, you can then "right click" on the first file, and select "extract here" and it will do it all automatically.

In some cases there may be more then one archive. You could have two or three discs, each having many parts. One easy way to tell is compare the size of the extracted files to the orignal.

Example, if your orignal download was 1400mb, and you extract a file that is 700mb, then there is surely another 700mb file to extract.

Now, you have another problem in your windows setup, as it is set to hide file extensions. This can cause you problems, and I think it was really stupid of microsoft to make this the default setting.

Here is the fix

Open the folder that has the files, then click on "tools", then "folder options"

Now click on the "view" tab, and look for a box that says "hide file extentions for known file types" and untick it.

Now click on apply to all folders.

For some stupid reason microshit feels users don't need to know what kind of files are on their computer, so this will fix that problem.

Suspect (tus support team)

This will be very usefull so you can report what file types you have downloaded in case you need further help.

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