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Bitcomet deleted all my files....please help

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Hey guys,

Great program, i just switched from utorrent to bitcomet.

Ok here is my BIG problem:

Once you finished downloading a torrent and close the program, when you reopen it all the torrents that youve DL are coupled with a green circle or ball meaning stopped. I pressed start, thinking that i would seed the torrents, it actually restarted to DL all my torrents!!

I went to the designated download folder, the folder or Rared files are there but with non existent data. 0kb etc...

What did i do wrong and or how can i recover this data?? It seems as a result of this , bitcomet deleted all my torrents, can i recuperate them? There was so much work involved here...also i downloaded torrents of trackers wich include a ratio...

most probably my mistake...

Help please!

THanks , VP

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I think you can open the task properties and on the general page change the task from download to seed and hit ok. That should work :D

Hey Geisha Girl,

You really got me going when i read your post. I tried it, but it doesnt work. The files are actually missing so i can not seed!

Bitcomet actually deleted the files...i think its a program flaw cause when finished downloading it should go directly to seeding....instead it goes to a stopped mode...when you press start again by default it will erase the torrent and files and start downloading it again. Terrible programing if you ask me...

Thanks anyways....:)

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