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Cingular Wireless Card - No Remote Connections

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I bought me a new Cingular Wireless Air Port Card. It is really fast - and I like it - but when I started up Bitcomet and loked at my downloads I noticed that I had only Local connections in the peer section of each download.

I am using Version .70

Windows XP sp2

Gateway Convertible Laptop

512 K of Ram

Bitcomet works great if I run it through the WiFi lan but for some reason I cant get the top speed(remote) connections if I am using the Cingular PC Card.

Help would be appreciated.

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The problem will be with your wireless router, or more precisely, with its firewall. You need to set it to open the firewall and forward traffic for your listen port through it. See www.portforward.com for instructions.

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Thanks for the reply

However - I guess I need to clarify my situation a little bit.

I have a Wireless Router and I have the port forward set. I can get remote connections if I am at home. The problem comes up with the Cingular card.

The Cingular card is a small modem that slides into my PC Card Slot on my laptop. It enables me to have Broadband Access to the internet if I am in the car - at the mall - anywhere that I can get a mobile phone signal I can get Broadband internet access.

If goiing through the Cingular Modem I do not get any remote connections in Bit Comet.

Thanks for the help.

Anyone else have any suggestions?

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You'll need to talk to Cingular to be completely certain, but whn you use that service, they almost certainly have you behind a firewall and are blocking your listen port. You won't be able to use listen mode, so will greatly slow your download speed because of it.

Think about your wireless router. Now think really BIG. This is what the Cingular setup basically is. End users can't control their router.

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