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CPU usage question

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when im switching the filter to show "seed only", it takes 100%CPU and over a min to switch to that page.

is it caused by having a big list? because i wanted to keep list of the files that i downloaded

anyway to fix cpu usage without clearing the list?


Bitcomet .70

P4 3Ghz


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I'm not sure if I understand your question, but if you are seeding a lot of torrents at the same time, I suggest you don't. You will be doing much better using your bandwidth on one, or perhaps two at a time.

This should also lessen your cpu usage as well.

Please clairify if this is not the case.


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on the left side of bitcomet theres the selection "Leech Only" "Seed Only" etc..

and when i am in leech only and switch to seed only it takes quite some time to load.

i never removed any of my finished download tasks from the list in bitcomet, would having too many finished tasks cause the long load in "Seed Only"?

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If they are all still running then yes.

Generally each user must keep their torrent running till ratio equals 1.0, but since there will always be people who shut down as soon as it finishes, others have to make up the difference, so I suggest seeding longer.

However, its not good to seed alot of torrents at the same time, its much better to give all your bandwidth to one at a time.

so, to answer your question, if you switch to seeding a lot of torrents, it could use a lot of cpu at first, but if you seed one at a time, you should not see this problem.


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