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Jumps completed file back to 99% occasionally


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If i'm downloading a torrent with lots of fairly large (350mb) files e.g a TV series, one time i'll look and the file will be complete, i look again and it's on 99%! This is really weird.

I've sometimes even watched the files before they jump back down to 99%!

This is an annoying problem and I dont know why it happens.

I thought i do a manual hash check to see if that would make it realise that the files were complete but that made it worse! More than half the files i'd already completed to 100% went back down to 95-99%

This is weird and annoying.

Can anyone tell me what the h*** is going on here and how i can stop it?!

Please help.

edit: i'm using 0.70 is this fixed in later versions?

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yeah i got this a few times, manualy recheck it (and finish downloading it completely) then you shouldnt get the problem any more. also the file will tend to skip in places or have the sound out of sync with the picture when it isnt properly downloaded. i have only had this problem with .70 and .71 but only occasionaly

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there are a few possibilities here. One is that your losing data due to hard drive issues, so I would run a scandisc (or other disc utility). I would also run a full virus spyware/malware scan as well.

Another could be a problem with your router settings, although this usually keeps it from completing, but have a read here anyway...


Once you are done seeding, and this task is stopped and/or removed, then this issue cannot effect your data.


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