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CRASH: Cisco Systems VPN Client


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Today I installed Cisco Systems VPN Client. Ever since this installation Windows start crashing after few minute BitComet is running. However if BitComet not running the Windows running fine. I have tried to uninstall Cisco Systems VPN Client and Windows doesn’t crashes.

How to I keep Cisco Systems VPN Client and at the same time use BitComet?

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It would seem to me that there is a conflict in resources between the two clients. I have no direct knowledge concerning this, nor could I diagnose this in a forum post, but unless we can determine that this is a bit comet bug, I'm going to move this to tech support section. Hopefully one of our staff/members will have a suggestion for you.

In the meantime, I would visit ciscos web site, and check if this has been reported there.


*moved to tech support*

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