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Is this right im a newb please help

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:( Torrents\Age.Of.Empires.III-RELOADED.torrent



512 KB

1.91 GB [7.6%]

1.91 GB

Come visit us at www.TorrentBox.com


Tracker Response OK, reannounce in 1800 s

Progress 7.7%

Connection seeds 5 (Max Possible: 6)

Connected peers 24 (Max Possible: 30)

Connecting peers 8

Download rate 19 KB/s From 11 Peers

Upload rate 24 KB/s To 9 Peers

Downloaded 128.58 MB (0 B rubbish data dropped)

Uploaded 123.40 MB

Total downloaded 158.53 MB (0 B rubbish data dropped)

Total uploaded 166.45 MB

average download rate 24 KB/s within 01:51:43

average uploadrate 25 KB/s within 01:51:48

is this ok or am i doing something wrong i got max dl speed of 144.3KB and upload speed of 46.1KB I got a westell 6100 dsl modem. i wanna optimize my bit commet downloading. I allready used the setting guide just wondering if the download speed is ok?

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This looks like you are getting pretty good speed. Since bit torrent protocall gives you download speed proportional to your upload, and most of us have limited upload speed, this might be the best you can do.

You will find that some torrents run much faster, but not most. Please also realized the main reason some torrents are slow, is peers that run multiple torrents, spreading their already limited upload speed among many torrents, and many, many peers, all of whom would be better off had then never connected to that user.

Please also keep torrent running till ratio is above 1.0, and if you really like something, then run it much longer.


EDIT: I just deleted an identicle post you made, if you post the same question twice again, you will get an official warning and possible account restrictions.

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