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Comodo and Bitcomet question


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If it's you, then you need to change your listen port. It's best to pick a port between 50000 and 65535 in order to avoid this exact problem: ports below that range are used for other things and conflicts can result.

If it's someone else, they're using a conflicting listen port. That's not really bad, and some people have to do it because their ISP blocks everything else. If you can tell the program to permanently allow Bitcomet through, that's probably the best solution. That or keep telling it "yes" every time it pops up.

All it's doing is detecting traffic on the port, not what kind of traffic it is. So Comodo has no idea whether it's really email or not.

Sometimes BC does send email, but if that happens you'll know about it. It encounters an error, tells you so, and wants to send an error report.

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