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I was connected to the internet and all four box under preferences are checked, however, I can open the website outside of BitComet system, but when I try to download it, it did show up on the board that I am downloading when it is actually unable to connect to the internet on its own. Please help

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hey i was having the same problem but after awile of screwing around i figured it out, go to preferences-connection-choose random port and then ur dht is connected but wait for a few seconds caz some ports might not work mine always works on 17503 try it and see if it works peace :lol:

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I'm sorry Jiang, could you rephrase your question? Are you having issues with downloading the torrent, or enabling the DHT network?

Well...DHT networks should enable by themselves provided that the torrent you're downloading from is public, and that you've enabled DHT within Options --> Preferences --> Advanced --> "Add DHT network as a backup tracker".

As for ports, you should stick to ports 50,000 - 65000. This is a good range...if you use ports less than that, you may encounter slower download speeds, and maybe even issues with connecting to peers.

Also, for those who are having issues with connection to peers, please ensure that you've added BitComet into your Firewall's exception list. For SP2 firewall users, you'll need to add BitComet into your exception list as well.

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