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Down 5kb/s up 7kb/s


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I just downloaded BitComet 0.70, then started downloading a piece of 350mb from a 9gb torrent (one episode of the full season)

but... it´s my first download and the first torrent i found had a 2kb/s downloading rate

Then I found another one, and now i have a 5kb/s download and 7 kb/s up

Ann... I thought I could have at least 16kb/s, as I have downloading BitComet and other things

I downloaded with version 0.74, then I installed V0.70. My download begun at lots of kb/s, awesome! Not... now its at the same rate as before

ps: sorry about the last topic

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By downloading one small part of a very large torrent, it will generally download much slower then the same file would in its own torrent.

Selecting files within a torrent is an advanced feature that some bit torrent clients can do, but it will take much longer to download the entire torrent this way, one file at a time. By doing this, most of the torrents data is of no use to you, since your only selecting one of the files, thus making the pieces you need rare.

Here is a good link to help in your understanding of bit torrent protocall...



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