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Problem With Finished Torrents

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It has happened many times in the last week that torrents that I have already downloaded to 100%, and I am currently seeding, will revert their download to a lower percent and start redownloading. When I go to look at the downloaded files they seem to be intact and playable, even ones that show 0.0%. BitComet apears to just be writing over the data that is already there. It seems to happen in groups, such as last night I lost about 3GB in 5 seperate torrents. These are not torrents that I have altered in any way. Sorry for the long explanation, I just wanted to give as much detail as possible. Please help me out, It has little effect on me, but I spend most of my time downloading instead of seeding. Leaving me feeling like kind of a leach.

PS: Now that I think of it. This has been happening for about a month. It is just accelerating, meaning more data each time.

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I suggest you do a manual rehash of the files, they should then read 100%.

I would also scan your hard drive for errors, and complete virus and spywhere scans.

Also, you didn't mention which version of Bit Comet you are using, but besure to use one of our stable version, most recent is .70


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