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Droping internet connection


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Running bitcomet V.70 with Belkin wireless router attached to cable modem.

Set up Static IP. Followed portforwarding instructions as best I can. Updated router firmware. Lowered global settings to numbers suggested to other users with similar posts.

Using Firefox, though Bitcomet launches with IE and I don't know how to change it to Firefox.

Have checked my Windows firewall and can verify that Bitcomet is listed in the exceptions.

I have avast antivirus and have disabled it.

As soon as I launch Bitcomet my router drops my internet connection. (for bitcomet as well as anyother programs)

I have to unplug and re-power my modem and router to re-establish my connection.

If I launch Bitcomet and then restart my modem and router I can connect, but as soon as I start to download a file my connection drops again. I have not been able to complete any downloads.

I'm sure there are some easy number to punch in to fix this problem, but I just can't find them on my own.

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The easy part of your question to answer is about IE and firefox.

Bit comet has IE integrated so you can browse the web, search for torrents and such from within bit comet. However, you do not have to use this feature. I myself do not, I only use firefox for browsing/searching torrents.

Now, your issues relating to router resetting. I've had to lower my connections per task when browsing with firefox and running bit comet, as I have had my router reset, but what you are describing is more then a simple overload issue. If this was only too many connections, you would not have to "reboot" your router to reconnect.

Accually, now that I reread your post, you mention rebooting your Modem as well. I suggest you determine which it is that is losing connection. If you are rebooting both just to be through, then your not going to know which is causing the problem.

Please try rebooting JUST your modem next time this happens, as it might not be related to your router at all, or could be only your router, you really need to narrow down which one.

You might also want to visit the manufactors support site for possible fixes for this. I don't think its directly related to bit comet, just that bit comet is making it work harder then your browsing.


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I've been having similar problems with my laptop that connects to the Internet thru a wireless router.

Sometimes when I start bitcomet and start a download, it will act like its trying to "grab" the download for a while, then I get knocked off my connection with the router with a message saying unable to connect to the preferred wireless netowrk popping up for my windows wireless connection.

Other times, the downloads will start and run for a while and when I come back to the laptop, I will have been knocked off the same way.

First, I tried restarting my machine and reconnecting, but when I do, it says "wireless network unavailable" or I will be able to connect, but firefox will not "grab" any sites and bitcomet doesn't work.

This is always and only fixed by unplugging and replugging my router/modem that the phone company provides for my DSL connection.

Any ideas?

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my problem here is tat my dll speed only reach abt 4 to 5 kbps...

im using 512kbps wif 60+kbps dll speed.

i had dll spd tat reach abt 60+kbps before i started using 0.70.. ( previous ver. is 0.50 )

I suggest you read the settings guide.

Also, there is an important error in your post. Your isp provides 512kb/s downloadd, but Bit Torrent doesn't measure in "Kb/s", it measures in "KB/s".

There is a big difference 8 bits (B) = 1 Byte (B)

Also, most internet connections have very limited upload bandwidth, and since bit torrent gives the most download to those who upload the most. Since you have a somewhat low download speed, you prob have even lower upload.

Now, about regarding slow torrent, the main reason is because of people running multiple torrents, therefore sending none of their peers a good amount of data.


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Adagio and bluegrassboy you should use the search feature of this forum before posting

This problem has been dealt with time and time again

Your problems seem like either your router/modem cant handle the # of connections or you have a MTU issue.

Try these suggestions

Addition to those suggestions:

4) Some wireless routers/cards do not play well with each other (timing issues)

--make sure both your router and your wireless card have the latest firmware/drivers

--if using Intel wifi card read this

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