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Two weeks ago (approximately) my download deteriorated. it used to be around 30 KB/s, almost 100 KB/s at it's peak. Then something happened (maybe due to change in definitions thanks to myself...). Since then it was around 3(!!!) KB/s on average.

I kept on playing with definitions and the result: No download at all... At this moment there is a upload speed of about 2-4 KB/s but no download (0).

When I press on "play" on the gray circle icon (next to the task/ download) it changes into a gray diamond like icon, no move at all...

I don't know what's wrong. I might have deleted a file, and so I downloaded again the bitcomet 0.74. As I mentioned nothing happened...

I tried to find information at your forum - didn't find anything relevant.

What can I do?

Please help!!!

Thanks, Boren

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Please read the rules, and other revelant posts regarding your problem.

1. you posted question in guides section that is clearly marked DO NOT post questions here.

2. There is a pinned post to report problems with your version (.74), which is not a "stable" version, and we are unable to offer support (at this time).

Please install version .70 (latest stable version), and read the settings guide.

Also, if you are using a router, you will need to forward your listening port.

portforward.com has guides for most routers.

*post moved to support section*

*post closed* (use pinned topic to discuss this version further)

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