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.rar is a file extension for a compressed archive, like a .zip file.

Download WinRar (google can find it).

Be sure to get it direct from RarLabs (to avoid posible viruses/spyware). They have a free trial version.

Once installed, you can open any compressed archive with the following short cut.

locate file.rar, or file.zip. "right click", then select "extract here".


ps. if it decompresses into a "file.iso" DO NOT extract that, although by default winrar identifies .iso as a compressed archive, they are NOT.

.iso is a disc image, which you can burn to disc with nero, or any disc burning software.

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Before we go further here, please give me a link to the page where you downloaded this torrent.

I realize you are new at this, but you are asking questions that only you can know, and have provided very little info about what you downloaded.

I will have a look at the website where you got the torrent, and can advise you better.


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Sorry Suspect.

Is this the link that you wanted????


That is the one you click onto and then it downloads on the bit comet thing.

I think it is a PSP game because it has a UMD thing but i tried to conntect my PSP to the computer but the game is too large to transfer.


I am not making sense to myself anymore LoL

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