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Distorted Movie Downloads


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I have movies downloaded that have coloured spotsand distorted after burning yet veiwed on my computer are very good but not on DVD player.Can anyone advise me how to correct this or know of software that will fix the problem.Any assistance greatly appreciated


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Hi, first of all, we do not allow questions posted in guides section.

Now, I'm not sure what type of file you burned to dvd, or if you reencoded the file, or just burnt it to disc.

I could advise you better if I knew exactly what you downloaded, and what you did to get it onto disc.

However, if you burnt the disc at high speed, the burn might not be "clean" enough for your dvd player to read fast enough, therefore causing playback issues.

Always burn video discs at slowest speed possible. I also recommend you shut down all programs, and unplug your network cable or modem (this will stop connections from disturbing your burn.

If you want more advice, then discribe exactly what you downloaded, if you burned or converted (encoded), and attach a copy of your burn log.


*moved to support forum*

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