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Dwnld Speeds

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Hi there guys,

First off let me say thanks for this great program, by far the best ive ever used. Ok back to the main subject, ive searched on the forums but i cant find an awnser. Ok well i was on a website the other day where someone was saying that he was only getting speeds of 70kpbs!!! ONLY?! Im getting 10-30 kbps, which is ok, but that post that i saw made me think. Should i be getting even higher speeds. I Googled opening ports but then i found out about something called UPnP which is enabled on my router and enabled on Bitcomet. Ive got enough harddrive space, a fair bit of RAM and an ok processor. Eventhough im running wireless i cant see that being the fault becuase on Limewire i can get 120kbps easy. Is there anything else that i can be doing?

Well if anyone would be willing to reply i would appreciate it,



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Hi Chris,

If you don't get a uPnP error message, then perhaps it is working with your router, but I alway disable uPnP when I setup a router.

You would think that Plug n Play would be perfected since its been around for over ten years, but the fact is its not. I prefer to manually configure my router.

Now, regarding speed. I have seen speeds approaching 800kB/s, but this is only posible with torrents that are extremely well seeded.

I suggest you go through our speed guide prepared by bitdave. Pay careful attention to calculating your global upload limit. The more you upload, the more you download, but if your upload is maxed out, your download speeds will suffer.

Also, here is a link to get a torrent for open office...


Try that and see what speeds you get.

I also suggest the following site to configure your router (should you choose to do so)


they also have a guide for setting a static ip address in windows.

When you are done, you can test you listening port here...



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Hi there,

Well fist thanks for all that info its appreciated.

Right do you recomend not using UPnP becuase I tried to use portforward for my port configuring but i got completely lost :(

Also that tutorial was amazing but the one bit i didint get was the Max Upload Rate, i used that link you gave me to test my speed but considering i live in the UK i thought it was maybe best to use a test thats in the UK rather then miles away in the U.S. You couldnt jsut help me with it could you, these are my results:

237.2 Kbps ( = 0.2 Mbps )

What do i have to do to figure out what to put in my Max Upload field from that information, it was really mathmatical and, well, i suck at maths :(

Well thanks again!!


EDIT: Ok well i managed to try and map my ports and it wont go as well as it did so i think ill go back to UPnP for that.

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your total upload rate = 237kb/s

Converted to kB/s = about 30kB/s

set to 80% would be about 24kB/s

So set your global max upload to 24 for starters. When you are seeding you can set to unlimited.

Also, when set to unlimited, if you see speeds faster then this (30kB/s) then recalculate with your observed rate.

I also suggest you run only one torrent at a time.


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