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Port opened...but not connecting to seeds/peers

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Hi...my port is open coz i got both remote and local peers...the problem is it owez connect to few seeds and peers only...for example...there are 7 seeds n 360 peers in total...but only 1 or 2 seeds and few peers will be connected......y is this happening?i get inconsistent speed..sometimes i may have 20KBps(160kbps)...sometimes 1KBps..sometimes 0.....i understand speed depends on whether the seeds or peers are uploading or not...but more seeds and more peers connected mean there is a higher chance of more peers uploading...that's y it is frustrating to see just 1-2 seeds or 6-7 peers connected when there r actually 10-12 seeds n few hundred peers in total.....out of the 6-7 peers...i got both remote and local ....


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