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can only connect to 1-4 peers?


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hey. this morning i turned my pc on and suddenly i get something like this:

scarface (the game) 0/2 [1/494]

the new supernatural episode - 4/5 [4/677]

and so on and so on on all my downloads.

tried switching to a diff. BT client, and that dosent even get the 5kbs that i get now (that's 5 on all 7 downloads).

what gives?

winxp sp1, no firewall, norton 2006, no router, and no clue on whats going on.

regular download through explorer gets me 260kbs and bitcomet gets me 6kbs?? thats f*****.


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I'm not exactly sure what your setting problems are at fault, if any, but I can tell you that if you are running several downloads at once, you are surely not providing anywhere near a respectable upload rate for any torrent.

The first rule of bit torrent protocall is that peers that upload the most, receive the most. What really ruins BT downloading for all of us is people that download large amounts of torrents at the same time.

Most of us have very limited upload bandwidth, and by doing this, you are dividing this limited bandwidth among dozens (or more) of peers, all of whom would be much better off if you were not in the swarm.

I strongly suggest you limit to one, or at the most two torrents, assuming your ISP provides less then 1mb/s.

You will get much better download rates when the tracker has registed that your upload has increased (assuming your client is configured properly)


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