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My ip bandwidth has changed but my downloads have stayed the same... help please


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Hi guys

I'm hoping one of you super smart peeps can help. And I apologise in advance if you feel it's a stupid question with an obvious answer, but I'm still learning the ropes around BitComet and all things torrents (I've been using Kazza for years and only just changed in the last couple of months.

Up unti a couple of days ago my IP bandwidth for downloads was 512kbps and I have now upgraded to 1500kbps. My problem is that my torrent downloads are still hovering around the same speed as they were with the 512kbps, which is around 51kb/s to 52kb/s. I was under the impression my download speed for my torrents should increase a little, yeah? Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong as i'm guessing i might need to change something in my preferences on BitComet 0.70

I will worship the ground you walk on if you could help this lassie :)

Thanks for taking the time to read thus far ;)

Cheers, Bella

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Hi Bella,

One thing you have to consider is your upload speed provided by your isp. If you still have the same max upload speed, then you will only see faster downloads on torrents that are very well seeded.

I suggest you go through our speed guide, and be sure to set your max upload speed to about 80% of your max.

You can determine your max upload by running a speed test, or by observing it over a period of time (the latter is a more practicle test because it will give you an idea of how much of your upload can be used by your client)

If you want a good torrent to test with, try one of these...



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you might also make sure your provider actually gave you your upgrade speed. i just went throught this with at&t. went from a 1 meg dsl to a three meg. one month later i still don't have any faster dl speeds. turns out the three meg connections are not availablewhere i live.... something they didn't tell even though i was paying the higher price!

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