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Problems playing my file


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I downloaded a tv epidode, and it says it is downloaded 100%. At the moment it

is uploading, and I dont fully understand what that means. I have downloaded RealPlayer and

the other 2 players that they told me to download, but when I try to

play my file it says "The video for this file cannot be played, would you like to check to see if there is

an update for the video?" Then I click yes, and it tells me that Real Player

needs to download new software for the clip, so I click yes. Then, finally, it

tells me there is no software update from real to support this clip, and when

I click "details..." it says "Content types: ICM.XVID".

The file I want to play is entitled lost.s03e01.hdtv.xvid-xor.

Does anyone know what I need to do? Do I need to wait for it to

updoad? On real player it show that there is 42 minutes of footage, so it is all




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First, uninstall realplayer because it's junk. If you want to be able to play almost any video file you have two choices CCCP or VLC Player. If you download anime then go with CCCP.

CCCP is a filter pack that works with Windows Media Player and comes with Media Player Classic (an awesome player). This pack can play everything except real & quicktime, but there are two add-ons for those types.

VLC Player is an open source player that can also play anything pretty well except Matroska format which is used mostly for anime.

Of course you can get both. ;)

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