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Psp- Fifa 2007 Help!


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Okay so here goes, i downloaded fifa 2007 from bitcomet and compressed it to cso ( using psp compressor v 1.1 ) so it was small enough for my 1gb, so i compressed it and put it on my psp, and turned my psp on, with devhook etc. i emulate at 2.60 and fifa 2007 comes up , a pop up comes up asking me if i want to auto save, clicking yes or no crashes my psp, so then i emulate at 2.71, fifa 2007 dosent come on at all and my psp crashes again....

Please can you help me step by step guide plz !!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want the link to the torrent , here it is ...


Well thanks for all your help ( if you do help )

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I replyed to this question already.

We do not allow duplicate posts in this forum. If you continue to post the same question more then once, your account could be restricted, and you will recieve an official warning.

I will assume you did not fully understand my reply, so I will explain myself better.

This forums primary purpose is to support the Bit Comet client. Since you have sucessfully downloaded your torrent, Bit Comets job is done.

We do not mind you posting your question concerning your psp in our forum, but you would be more likely to find help in a forum specific to PsP.


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