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Hi, 1st time on here but 10 yrs with Torrent already


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Bit torrent protocall was first announced in 2002 by creator Bram Cohen, so I'm not sure how you have 10 Years with torrent.

In any case, welcome to the forum...


BitTorrent protocol was developed by a San Francisco programmer Bram Cohen. He first presented his work as a P2P project that he was working on at Defcon 'hacker' convention in Las Vegas. The following year, BitTorrent was debuted at a Code Cone 2002, which made BitTorrent known among a larger audience.

At the end of year 2002, the first Torrent related websites started to appear. Most of them offered TV-shows, but there were already some that offered all kinds of contents, such as games, anime, movies, adult material, etc. One of the biggest sites was Donkax.com. Their website was very poorly designed, but it still had the most torrent files compared to other sites. Donkax at that time had approximatey 80,000 hits per day, which at that time seemed a lot.

After a while, many of the torrent sites closed, which gave other people a chance to start their own torrent sites. That is why in early 2003 there were more than 50 torrent sites out there. For example: Bytemonsoon.tk & SuprNova.tk.

In late 2003, torrent sites had huge DDOS wars. Many sites were being under attack, everybody was DDOSing each other, since nobody knew who was DDOSing them. So at this time it was most important, who had better protection.

With time, many torrent sites opened, all hoping to be the best and most popular. We could also already see many register-only torrent sites, which were limited to a specific number of users. These sites were very popular, due to a ratio limit, which would ban everybody who did not share.

2004 was probably the best year for BitTorrent community, at least in the growth of torrent sites. There have been hundreds of torrent sites out there, and the first legal threats were just beginning. Everybody was worried what is going to happen, but all the sites stayed up bravely in hope nothing would come against them.

Throughout 2004 most of the torrent sites received letters from many organizations wanting them to remove their torrents off of their sites and most torrent sites did so. One of the sites that is known to not care about any letters they get is ThePirateBay.org, who proudly displays the letters they get and their responses to them (Legal letters). But no letters came from any big organizations like MPAA or RIAA.

Later that year, MPAA announced that they had not started suing BitTorrent sites yet, because they could not decide whether they were legal or not. But shortly after that, MPAA pressed charges against torrent sites like LokiTorrent.com. SuprNova.org decided to close their doors voluntarily, to stay away from legal threats. At this time also some other pages decided it is best to go offline, for example TorrentBits.org.

LokiTorrent.com then decided to raise funds for the legal defense, which shortly after collecting around $40,000 USD decided to settle with MPAA. MPAA's press release was saying that MPAA settled with LokiTorrent for 1 million USD, which is still quite doubtful.

Many have thought BitTorrent is going to die out sooner or later because of this, but BitTorrent stayed alive, although with a lot less users, it was starting to make a comeback.

Since the time that the major torrent sites went offline, BitTorrent world never made a full come back, at least not in the amount of users it had before compared to the amount of users it has now. One of the reasons might be because of bigger and bigger decentralization of BitTorrent and harder tracking of files.

Certainly BitTorrent will stay around for long, but it is going to be more and more used for commercial means, which does not have to mean that this is going to be bad for us. But right now, we can only sit and observe what the big organizations have in store for us.


Do not believe the media

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