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Partial complete deletes noncompleted files


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Partial complete deletes noncompleted files. Has Happend several times. I am Downloading multi file torrent I start downloading 5 of 26 Epps then when all of the 5 I have started were partial completed I deselect 2 of the files so I can finish the other 3 but when those finish the other two have been reset to 0.0% after or before it checks the files I’m not sure what that dose exactly it is. I have had this happen several times before with older versions I just updated to 0.70. Is there something i can to to prevent this from happening or is it a bug or something would like to know. It’s just annoying when this happens.

Has this happend to anyone else.

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Basically you deleted the partially downloaded files when you deselected the files in the torrent.

This is NOT what this function is for.

Selecting files to download from within a torrent is not part of the orignal bit torrent protocall, but an advanced feather that bit comet has.

Do NOT deselect a file unless you want to delete it, its that simple.

This is not a bug, nor an error in bit comet.

If you want certain files to finish first, you can change the priority.


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