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Upload Problem

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Okay, thing is: I just got a flatrate, and before I was downloading on Dialup, so I just turned it on to download and upload a bit along the way but never was anything like Idle(suppose that makes me a Leecher). Now that I have a flatrate I want to run my Machine pretty much all day and night long and upload the Files as well as I download them.

Problem is, when the Up-/Down Ratio has reached 1.0, it seems to stop uploading. Of course I delete much s*** before I reach that point because I only have a 20 GB HD, too, but I try to keep as much and as long as I can.

So now how the h*** am I supposed to contribute as much as I have taken, and will take? I understand that certain Clients figure your overall Ratio and exclude you if you have a shity one like mine(which brings me to another important question: How do I figure my overall Upload-Download Ratio?) , so I certainly wouldn't like that to happen.

Am I overseeing some kind of other Seeding process (other than keeping the completed process in the transfers list and start it as soon as I go online that is)?!

Appreciate your help in advance

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There is an option under

Preferences -> Task

there you can set at what ratio the torrent task stops seeding.

I think your word flatrate is what i call broadband.

Have you set an upload cap for your new connection

Read through the Settings Help in my sig below to figure out what your Global Max Upload Rate should be set at.

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still, how do i find out my overall(!) share ratio? or is that something thats only relevant to private trackers, so it doesn't really matter as long as I use the public trackers, which work out pretty damn fine for me so far? Not planning on abusing but I'm curious.

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Public trackers do not record individual upload/download stats, rather the only statistic that some public trackers use are overall D/U ratio. So, in other words, no one really knows what your ratio is...so it doesn't really matter, as long as you upload as much as you possibly can (1.0 or above is ideal, but it doesn't matter if you can't reach that ratio).

As for Private trackers, then yes, they will record an 'overall' D/U ratio. This is usually shown at the Private Tracker's site login. I.e. Here's an e.g.:


Private trackers usually record your overall Download to Upload ratio, and not a per-torrent ratio. The ratio is then used to perhaps allow a user to download a new torrent release after a specified number of hours.

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