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How do you use a "Reloaded" torrent


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"Reloaded" is a release group that mostly provides software and such that people put in torrents.

Your problem has nothing to do with "reloaded". You just don't know how to use the files you download, and also did not bother to mention what files these are.

I am pretty sure you have a multipart compressed archive (.zip, .rar) or another type. These can be decompressed with WinRar (google can find it).

However, you can only blame yourself if this is not correct, so next time give full details when requesting help.


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This is a multi part .rar archive.

Download WinRar (google can find it for you). You can either get a free trial version direct from RarLabs (will work even after trial period is over, but will display "nag screen" when you run it after 30days asking you to purchase) Or you can find it on a torrent site.

After you install it, you don't even have to start the program, just "right click" on any piece of the archive and select "extract here", and it will extract all the pieces in the archive.

In some cases, you may find a torrent with two or more multi part archives, so you could have to do this for each.

An easy way to tell is compare the extracted file/s to the size of the torrent. if the torrent was 1400mb, and you extracted a video of 700mb, then you can be sure there is another archive for a second disc.


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