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BitComet will not connect using wireless laptop

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I access BitComet through my desktop computer with no problems, but my wireless laptop will not connect (I get the main BitComet screen but it shows DHT not connected) I have a dell inspiron 6000 laptop and a 3 com office connect adsl wireless 11g firewall router, my isp is aol. any help would be much appreaciated.

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So...your BitComet functions on your Laptop, but DHT fails to connect?

Or, BitComet fails to start any download at all times?

Have you also portforwarded the port used in your Laptop's BitComet?

Kind Regards

BitComet team.

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I have a slightly different problem....

If i use my usb modem, bitcomet can download.

if i use wireless, DHT is connected, but downloading doesn't start.

I read portforwarding but portforward.com does not have my modem.

I use a Aztech wireless G router with integrated modem.

I followed the instructions but stopped when asked for destination port start; destination port end; and destination port map. What do I fill them up with?

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