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Percentage completed delay


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Hi guys,

I'm using Bitcomet 0.70 Stable release for Windows 2000/XP.

This hasn't happened before, but all of a sudden, the numbers in the "percentage completed" column either don't truly represent the amount downloaded, or take a really long time to update.

For example: if I'm trying to download a file, BC will show the percentage as 60.3%, and then suddenly jump to 75.0% after like 10 minutes. With files I have downloaded earlier, the increase was pretty much gradual, even to the decimal place.

In another torrent I was downloading, the percentage downloaded stays at 0%, even if the total downloaded was enough to register at least 10%. Hashchecking doesn't change anything. I've also tried restarting the torrent, after removing both files and task. No rubbish data dropped, either.

(In both these cases and before, I've restricted the download to a few files out of the whole torrent.)

What's going on?

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This is common with downloading partial torrents. You often have to download more data then you need in order to get the complete files you selected.

For example, if one peace is a million bits, and you only need one of those bits, you still have to download the entire million, and they need to pass hash check, then all but one will be deleted.

There is no way around this, as downloading partial torrents is not part of bit torrent protocall, rather an advanced feature some clients have introduced. Its a very usefull feature, but far from perfect.


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