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HELP NEEDED! In conjuntion with DAEMON and emulation software when downloading/playing games.

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Okay, I apologize if this has been answered before, but after an hour of fruitless searching i now need your help.

Story so far:

I've downloaded 3 games, Company Of Heroes, SWAT 4, and Homeworld 2 successfully off Bitcomet and managed to winRAR the files just perfectly fine. Using DAEMON tools, i mounted the archives successfully onto a virtual drive, and all games installed perfectly fine. As i clicked "PLAY SWAT 4", I only got a popup that said "Wrong Disk inserted. Please insert original disk into your CD/DVD Drive." I double, triple, and quadroupled checked my settings. The virtual drives were fully loaded with the SWAT 4 archive. The same thing happened with Homeworld 2, The drives were loaded with the Homeworld 2 folder & archive. I still got a message that said "Wrong disk Inserted." I then tried the same on Alcohol 52%, but to no avail. Company Of Heroes worked fine, though. I checked with a friend and apparently CoH doesn't need a CD to run, but the other two do.

So what am i doing wrong here? I'm getting tired of that little popup box.

I believe that i may be loading the wrong archive, but i need a confirmation.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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What you need is a "no cd crack", if you want to run them on a virtual drive.

Most torrents include this, so if you didn't see it with the torrent files, then look on the disc image when its mounted, see if there is a folder with the name "crach" or patch.

Also look for a file.nfo, its a text file with instructions on using torrent.


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