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Seeders dropped out?


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Hey there,

I was downloading a 165 MB file today. It had like 100 peers and 25 seeders. Everything went fine and then at about 94% all of a sudden the seeders went to zero. Now at the moment I have 0 connected seeders and like 45 connected peers. I have less than 0 download rate. It's like 20 kb per minute.

Any help would be greatly appreciated....


Justin C.

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If you're seeing alot of people stuck on 94.1% this means that there probably hasn't been a seeder for quite some time. In fact, the seeders that you saw at the start, could have just been ghosts i.e. the trackers haven't updated yet, and thus still register those seeders within their tracker system.

Unfortunately, there isn't much to do here...you can keep trying the torrent running, or of course try another torrent.

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