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Can u help me?

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I'm newbie. I'm sorry if i asking u a silly question.

i've downloading some file until 97%, i stopped it coz my komputer need to shut down after 3 days standby.

The problem is when i click start (even right click and then start) the status icon did not change at all from incomplete and stopped. But it works wit another download...

Can u help me please?? :(

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If I understand you correctly, when you try to start torrent, its not downloading.

Can you tell us how many seeds/peers are listed? both totals you are connected to, and [all].

If you can post a screenshot, this will be helpfull too.

Also look if there are any error messages from tracker.


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There is surely something wrong here.

I would like to know what windows version you are using, and if your are logged in as administrator, or with admin permissions.

If not, and you are logged in as a user without permissions to install applications, you may get an error such as above.

Otherwise, I would advise a complete scan of your drives with upto date anti virus, then a few good anti spyware programs, followed up with a scandisc of all hard drives.

Something is surely wrong if you can't start a torrent, and can't even install a new version.


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I'm using Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 1 Version 5.1 (Build 2600) with Mc Afee for anti virus (never forget to keep it updating) and System mechanic 5 professional for anti spyware.

I logged in as administrator and only have one account to logged in...

Well, i'm not a high tech person, so can u give me an advice? :mellow:

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