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Keep it simple stupid


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Why oh why do some people go out of their way to complicate file sharing life?

Using an archiving tool like RAR is an excellent way to shrink file sizes so they can be downloaded much faster. But why are there clueless people out there who insist on having a RAR file that contains multiple RAR files?

If you wish to have everything as one compressed archive file, just put everything in a directory and archive that directory. There's no reason to archive multiple RAR files into one RAR file purely to collect them into a single file for download. Doing so only vastly increases the chances of a corrupttion with all the "Unexpected end of archive" and CRC error messages that come along with it.

I just finished downloading a bunch of programming video tutorials created by a user and made available via torrent, only to find that during extraction, the RAR file expands into even more RAR files. Then when trying to unrar these I get the dreaded "Unexpected end of archive". Even worse is that the user provides no PAR files that are useful in such situations and allow you to repair damaged RAR files.

Kudos to the user for creating the video tutorials but a big thumbs down for being stupid enough to put multiple RAR files into one RAR file.

To anyone else creating files to make available via torrent who wish to compress them using an archive tool, please keep things simple to avoid errors :)

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